It is my hope that “The Mechanics Behind Mental Shifts” is going to offer up something of value to someone out there. Perhaps a current or former client of mine will read some of my thoughts and ideas that will spark a change in their routine. Perhaps someone I never get the chance to meet will read through here and feel some sense of connection, that they don’t have to go through whatever it is they are going through on their own. Or, maybe, this blog will inspire someone thinking about trying therapy that it’s not as scary as it seems. Whoever you are who’s reading this…I am glad you’re here. I hope I can help.

I liked the concept of “The Mechanics Behind…,” because I do feel there are a lot of things that go into making me the psychologist I am. Who I am as a person probably being the largest piece. I read anywhere from 2-5 books a month (almost exclusively Self-Help). I study current psychological theories and modalities. I really find it very hard to NOT click on every Mental Health article I see on social media. Oh, I don’t do those things because I feel I HAVE to. I like to! I have been drawn to self-improvement for as long as I can remember. These are the things that I believe help me to not only be a more self-reflective human, but also a more tuned-in therapist. It is my hope that sharing some of the behind-the-scenes parts (if you choose to want to see them) will be beneficial to both of us. 1) Because some people in my life may be getting tired of hearing about them, and 2) because I learn more when I get to think, reflect, share, and dialogue with others about the things I really love.

Another reason I chose the name of this blog is because I felt it really encompasses all I aim to do here. I hope to share a bit of the research I read, the current tools I utilize, and new therapeutic techniques/theories I recently have stumbled onto. I also hope to do some Book Reviews, share content I find helpful, discuss some of my favorite self-care tools, and share what healthy coping skills I currently utilize with whomever may benefit from hearing about them.

I am somewhat hesitant to do this, but…I am choosing to leave comments ON. It is my hope that any Mental Shifts forum (FB, Instagram, Couch It with Dr. G, and now this blog) will be a healing, safe space for anyone who chooses to interact. I want to foster inspiring conversations and curiously accepting dialogues. I also would really like to hear what any reader would like more of, less of, etc.

Love and Light,

Dr. G