Helping People Feel Worthy, Wanted and Loved.

When you work with the staff at Mental Shifts, we work with you to create as a healthier environment for you. The good news is we have never had a client who did not feel more comfortable after coming to see us.

Dr. Jared Grant

I am the President and Founder of Mental Shifts. I am excited to get to know you. I love helping people, and I have the best job there is because I get to spend my days talking with people like you. It brings me joy to provide some clarity to those feeling a little lost and unsure how to navigate their current situation.

What We Do


Individual Therapy

We’re Waiting To Help You

Sometimes we just need support to fully realize our potential. You don’t have to stay stuck or feeling dismissed. We are here ready to give you the attention you deserve to get you back on top of your life.

Couples Therapy

How We Can Help You

You just haven’t been connecting or seeing eye-to-eye, and you just don’t feel you have the energy to deal with it this evening. Maybe you drive around awhile or take the long way home. Maybe you contemplate sending a text that you have to work late – maybe you even do.

Divorce/Realtionship Therapy

Finding Hope Again

You are in the right place. We can help. Dr. Grant has helped many people shift from heartbreak to feeling ready to love again. I can show you how in three steps:

  1. Processing conflicting emotions surrounding this loss.
  2. Making sense of what happened.
  3. Determining what you really want for your happily-ever-after.

Meet the Staff

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