Divorce/Break-Up Support

Heartbreak Therapy

Divorce/Break-up Support


“What. Happened. To. Me.?? What Happened to Us?”

Flooded with emotions. Disoriented and alone.

Everything seemed to be going so well. We understood each other – I thought. And then it all started to unravel.

You are confused, maybe even angry. You feel weighed down by all the thoughts surrounding starting over. You wonder if you even have the strength to go through all the beginning stuff again.

How to Cope

At first, just staying busy seemed to be the best way to not think about how your life had changed since the break-up.

Then extra wine or other things became the choice for numbing the pain. Maybe you even sank into a pit of self-hate, picking apart every little thing you (or any potential mate) could find wrong with you.

Things feel like they are just getting darker and darker with no light at the end.

Finding Hope Again

You are in the right place. We can help. Dr. Grant has helped many people shift from heartbreak to feeling ready to love again. I can show you how in three steps:

  1. Processing conflicting emotions surrounding this loss.
  2. Making sense of what happened.
  3. Determining what you really want for your happily-ever-after.

Let’s start the process of healing and creating the life you want today! Call us at 702-856-4711 to schedule your first appointment!