Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy


It Doesn’t Feel Like Home Anymore

You’re on your way home from a long, exhausting day.
You notice the time. A thought occurs to you: “My partner is probably going to be home already.” You let out a deep sigh.

You just haven’t been connecting or seeing eye-to-eye, and you just don’t feel you have the energy to deal with it this evening. Maybe you drive around awhile or take the long way home. Maybe you contemplate sending a text that you have to work late – maybe you even do.

It used to feel like coming home when you saw your significant other, didn’t it? You immediately relaxed in their presence. Why is it so tense now? What happened?

How We Can Help You

Couples therapy, or relationship therapy, typically pertains to when you and your significant other come join one of our amazingly trained staff members for a joint session. Together, we will explore what exactly is going on in your relationship that is preventing you and your partner from connecting.

Generally, you both probably desire to be connecting but may not have a clear sense of what your partner really wants.

I said “typically” earlier because there may be times when we ask just one of you to meet with a clinician or split the session and meet with you both individually.

This is not because we as therapists have discovered it is all one person’s fault (though that may be both of your separate fantasies). This is done just to get a better sense of the two individuals we are seeing and how who you both are as people may be getting “lost in communication translation” to the other person.

Time to Contact Mental Shifts

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