The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

by | Apr 26, 2020 | Book Review | 2 comments

What I Liked

This book increased overall positive mood symptoms for me and feel strongly it could do the same for most people. Reading this book increased my ability to let go of anxieties related to the future and added comfort to my life. Trusting that the Universe has my back has been both freeing and empowering. I also resonated a great deal with Bernstein’s concept of “the greater good for all.” To me, this felt collaborative and was reassuring that we are all connected.

What I Wished was Different

Drive-ability: I did the audio version of this book, which I found helpful overall. However, Gabby loves her meditations and there were times I wanted to keep listening, but could not because…well, driving. This is an issue I find in many Self-Help type audio books, which is why I like to report on “Drive-ability.” However, what some books do is offer sections, accompanying PDFs, etc. that make it very easy to skip or go back. This book did not do that. I would’ve loved having a section, for example, like: “Chapter 2 Meditation” at the end.


Overall, I LOVED this book. Gabrielle Bernstein’s relatability really sold me on this book (having her as the reader on Audible was a BIG part of the experience for me)–and her brand in general to be honest. This book does have a spiritual component, which may make some readers uncomfortable. However, she maintains throughout a very accepting and open nature towards all spirituality (or lack thereof). I found this book to be practical while increasing feel-good, positive emotions. 



“I choose to see peace instead of this.”