Unfu*k Yourself by Gary John Bishop

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What I Liked

I really appreciated Bishop’s straight-forward tone. Although he may be a bit rough around the edges, I very much agreed with his entire assessment of human behavior and how to make immense changes in a short amount of time. Bishop cites credible research and major players in the psychology field as well.


What I Wished was Different

I think the title throws a lot of people off. I find myself wanting to recommmend this book to almost every client and individual I know, but I feel I have to give a disclaimer due to the title.



 Overall, I found this book to be an amazing and insightful read. I found his conceptualization to be straight-forward, clear, and direct. If someone is truly lost and looking for direction, I feel that person would feel confident that reading this book was going to help them. For Self-Help, that is HUGE. 

I do think if one is easy offended or prefers things to be told to them in more of a sugar-coated, soft tone…this book may not be a good fit for you.






“I am willing.

I am wired to win.

I got this.

I embrace the uncertainty.

I am not my thoughts, I am what I do.

I am relentless.

I expect nothing and accept everything.”-