On February 1st, I decided to share a challenge I felt compelled to take for the next 9 months. I read the book, The Year of Less by Cait Flanders last month and really found it compelling. The author details going on a year long shopping ban and the journey to becoming a more mindful consumer.

I resonated a great deal with her journey and decided to make my own Shopping Ban and Approved Shopping lists. In the past month, I have been working through decluttering, donating, and reducing things that I do not use or no longer serve the person I am (or, sometimes things that were purchased with the intent of becoming someone I am just not—and do not see myself becoming in the next 6months). I have also been unsubscribing from all those pesky emails from stores that encourage more spending.

My goal in doing this Shopping Ban are: 1) To become a mindful consumer, 2) To really calculate my true monthly living expenses, and 3) Save more/make calculated financial decisions.

It is my hope that in sharing this, I will be more accountable to myself and possibly even inspire others. I am uncertain right now if I will provide updates publicly on how it’s going, but maybe. I am posting Cait’s link below for how she defined her Shopping Ban and what her lists were if anyone is interested.