Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy (TLDP)

What Is TLDP?

Does your life feel a bit like Groundhog Day? Is it one meaningless thing after another? Do you find yourself feeling like, “Wait, I’ve done this before. I’ve had this exact problem before.”

Time-Limited Dynamic Psychotherapy is a full-service technique that will dig into the root of what’s going on, but not take years to make sense of things. TLDP helps you get out of negative patterns and cycles you may not even be aware you are in.

TLDP Is the “Lens” with which I View the World.

This theory is particularly helpful when you feel stuck in repetitions. You may notice yourself saying things like, “Oh, this is just the story of my life,” or “this ALWAYS happens.”

I have been trained in this theory and can help you break out of these old patterns. It doesn’t ALWAYS have to be this way. Working with me, I can offer you new experiences – and new understandings of those new experiences. You don’t have to keep finding yourself in the same relationships over and over. There is hope.

Let Me Help You.

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