Love + Light

A Good Intention Candle Line


Our Candles are good for your body, mind and spirit. Candles are designed with Locally + Ethically sourced materials and scientifically formulated to produce a desired soothing effect.

You could eat our candles. …I don’t recommend doing so, but our candles are completely safe.

Our candles are toxin-free, paraben-free, and made with phthalate-free fragrances. All candles are made with coconut + soy wax.  Our candles are Eco-friendly with Certified Clean-burning FSC Wood Wicks.

*Each Good Intention Candle burns for 50+ hours




Peace + Love Candle

Our Blend of Subtle Wood tones + Lavender creates a relaxing sensation ideal for Meditative Thinking, Journaling, Setting your daily intentions, or simply allowing you to light and invite Peace + Love into your space,



Relaxation + Rejuvenation Candle

This candle is the perfect addition to any night-time ritual. It is designed to help put your mind in a state ready to reset.