Love + Light

A Good Intention Candle Line: Co-Created by a Licensed Psychologist

patholistically Healthy 

Candles that are GOOD for you– body, mind and spirit. Candles are designed with Locally + Ethically sourced materials and are scientifically formulated to produce a desired soothing effect.

Our Candles are SPECIALLY designed with Better Mental Health in Mind.

Our candles are co-created by a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and local Las Vegas candlemaker, Ashley Simone.

All scents, 7 in total, were designed to help co-create a desired mental state–from decreasing anxiety and depression to eliciting inspiration and joy.

Scent plays a large role in memory and Dr. Jared Grant first began utilizing pairing particular scents in therapy treatment for increased wellness results in 2016. 

All of our various candles are hand-crafted in small batches  right here in Las Vegas.  Our Candles consist of: Soy wax, chemical-free fragrances, Eco-friendly Wood Wicks and Recyclable Glass Jars.

Our candles are also topped with healing crystals to enhance the Good Intentions we desire. Each crystal was specifically picked for the intended intention.

*Each Good Intention Candle burns for 50+ hours




Peace + Love Candle

Our Signature Scent! A Blend of Subtle Wood tones + Lavender creates a relaxing sensation ideal for Meditative Thinking, Journaling, Setting your daily intentions, or simply allowing you to light and invite Peace + Love into your space. 

Topped with: Fresh Lavender and Clear Quartz.



Serenity + Tranquility Candle

This candle is the perfect addition for anyone wanting to decrease Anxiety or nerves. It is also a favorite for any tea drinker. This candle is designed to  put your mind in a calming state and help regulate your nervous system. Our Serenity + Tranquility Candle is a wonderful blend of Lavender, Chamomile, + Honey.

tOpped With: fresh Lavender + Citrine. 


Appreciation + Joy Candle

This candle is designed to decrease depressive symptoms by eliciting feelings of joy, Inspiration, Gratitude, and Appreciation. It is designed to help put your mind in a creative and invigorating state ready.

Topped with: Fresh Lavender, + Rainbow Flourite.  


Love + Cherish Candle

This candle is designed to Increase feelings of passion, Intimacy, + Love. Smelling Our Blend of Citrus, Pine, + Sea Salt smells like being securely held. While this candle was designed with couples in mind, it is also a great addition to any self-love work one may be embarking upon.

Topped with: Fresh Pine, Carnelian + Black Obsidian. 


Relaxation + Rejuvenation Candle

This candle is the perfect addition to any night-time ritual. It is designed to help put your mind in a state ready to reset.

Topped With: Dried Eucalptus + Amethyst


B0ld + Sexy Candle

This candle is designed to increase feelings of self-worth + Desirability. Our subtle blend of Mahogany + Lavender Sparks passion, confidence, and Courage. This candle was created by Danny Phung, a former clinician of Mental Shifts with the intention of falling in love and finding yourself. Topped With: Fresh Lavender + Tigers Eye.