Solution-Focused Therapy

What Is SFBT?

Solution-focused therapy is EXACTLY what it sounds like, focusing on finding solutions. If you are struggling with a big problem or just simply noticing nothing but problem after problem after problem, it’s likely that you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Ever felt like everything in your life is going wrong? It’s all just one problem after the other. Maybe you feel like you just can’t do anything right. You are likely stuck in problem-focus tunnel vision. Things can get better, but we need to change your focus to the solutions more than the problem.

How We Can Use SFBT

SFBT is a theory Dr. Grant resonates with and finds particularly useful for clients in “crisis mode.” Dr. Grant is well-versed on SFBT and has been using this treatment modality for years.

Dr. Grant and/or his skilled supervisees will first need to understand the problem, but we will only talk about it in all its negative glory for one session. Then, we will shift our focus on how to solve it. How would things be different if this problem didn’t exist? What kind of freeing feeling would you have? From there, we begin to find the solution.

We will highlight your strengths and the things you are doing well, rather than your current mindset of all the problem areas. You are more than your perceived faults.

Let Us Help You.

SFBT can be so refreshing for clients that I use tools from SFBT in conjecture with all my therapy types. When you work with me, I can offer quick relief from your pain symptoms and help instill the hope you need to continue moving forward.

We would like to work with you to find positive attributes on which to focus, get past the problems you tend to ‘see,’ and move your life to a new joy. Please call at 702-856-4711 to schedule your appointment and learn how we can work together.